Investment Sales & Property Acquisitions

For investors looking to sell or buy investment grade properties or portfolios, we offer comprehensive and research-driven global transaction solutions. We deliver outstanding results by seamlessly combining capital markets expertise with a unique ability to develop customized solutions for individual clients.

The experienced team at Cushman & Wakefield Regina provides investment advice and brokerage services to clients engaged in buying, selling, financing and developing commercial land and buildings of every description, including office, retail, industrial, hotel, resort, recreation, multi-family rental and development properties.

We work with clients through all phases of the acquisition or disposition process in order to optimize the value of their real estate investments and are experienced in valuation, site analysis, land assembly, marketing, negotiation, drafting purchase and sale agreements, due diligence investigations and financing. As well, we maintain solid relationships with a wide variety of consultants and professional service providers who can be drawn upon as required to ensure that the transaction is sound and its outcome is optimized.